… my eyes finally opened and I really understood the Nature: at the same time I learned to love it
( Oscar-Claude Monet)

Painting feels like a need to me. And so I was told by whom had the task to untangle my emotional knots. Anchoring myself to the softness of the brush and the paint, entering the life of my inner self in search of colors and variations of tones, has often had a saving effect for me. I don’t know what traspires from all this “happy inner commotion” to whoever is facing my canvases but I know that for me, when the eye of another settles on one of my paintings, it feels as embarrassing as being stripped.

I am from Capri, and I carry the beauty of this Island and his nature inside myself: that’s why Nature is my main source of ispiration, a great starting point that slowly blends into my inner world transforming shapes and colors. Although, while Nature and its Beauty are a source of inspiration,my paintings are never a realistic reproduction of what I see … mine is an inner vision! ┬áIt’s in this simplicity that my painting was born, and like everyone else I have feelings to show and I wish that they may come out from my works, even if only for a powerful moment.